Monday, August 14, 2017

Thrift store finds with a Christmasy look

When we visit our daughter and her family in Elko, Nevada, I always enjoy visiting the local thrift stores.  I didn't get to all of them this time, but I did visit several. 

In one of those, I found two plates that will likely find their way into my Christmas decorating. (The photos were taken with my tablet so they came out rather faded-looking.)
The above plate is part of the Old Curiosity Shop line by Royal China.  It is called a handled cake plate.  I have a few other items from this line, so I thought this plate, in perfect condition, would make a great addition to my little collection.  I paid $3 for it.  As you see, these plates are selling on eBay for anything from $4 to $16.
The second plate, which is also shown at the top of the post, is a vintage pine cone Melmac plate made by Boontonware.  The Etsy listing has a set of 7 plates (with scratches and discolorations like mine) for $30.  Mine is a bit more faded; someone had tried to clean it, I suspect with a magic eraser.  I erased a bit more when I got it home.  Since I only paid $1 for this, I'm not too worried about it.  I think the colors of this plate will make it a fun addition to my fall decorating as well.

Hope you've enjoyed seeing these thrifty finds!


  1. The Old curiosity shop cake plate is beautiful! my favorite :) Never thought to look for things like that at the thrift shop

  2. Isn't it beautiful, Lucie? I really had no idea that this line had a cake plate until I saw this, and since the shop has a wintry look I thought this would be perfect to bring out at Christmas.

    I often look for dishes in thrift shops. Some have a good selection, others do not. The shop where I found these had a great selection of dishes, well organized and easy to browse. It's always worth a look!


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