Friday, June 18, 2010

A lovely, useful Christmas gift

Thought I would show, rather belatedly, one of my handmade Christmas gifts from my daughter Carrie. I really need to get the link from her for this super cute project. It's a little wallet to hold tea bags and whatever else one might like that would fit. She put tea bags in one side and index cards in the other.

Here's the inside of the wallet. Isn't it so beautifully done? This year is the first time she has done much embroidery; she has pretty much taught herself. I am envious of the perfect look of this blanket stitch!

And here's the outside (I saved the best for last! Love this cute bluebird!)

I think I will use this next time we go to the cabin up north. The index cards will come in handy for devotions and list-making, and the wallet will be a neat way to take along an assortment of tea bags.


  1. I FINALLY got around to checking out your new background!! LOVE it! It's perfect. Thanks for posting about the tea wallet; I don't remember if I took any pics of them, so I'm glad you did!

  2. Isn't it great? I love it too. I think this is the third or fourth background I tried out, and this is definitely THE one.

    Do you happen to have the link to the pattern for this tea wallet, or did you not find it on line? I'd love the link if you have one.

    Thanks for visiting!

  3. Yes, I got the pattern/instructions at Wee Folk Art. That's a GREAT site for free embroidery/crafty stuff! Here's the link:


  4. Carrie did a beautiful job on the Tea Wallet...I could sure use one of those..they make a lovely and very useful gift...thanks for sharing


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