Friday, May 31, 2013

Little chocolate pizzas ~ a fun gift from the kitchen

(Photo by Taste of Home -- full size pizza is pictured.)
I hadn't thought of these for a long time, but the other day, they came to mind.  Years ago, these were a popular item I included in college care packages.  I thought it would be helpful to put the link here on my Christmas blog, so I can make them again this Christmas.  Maybe some of you would like to try making these treats as well.  Here's the link for the basic recipe: Chocolate Pizza.

If you happen to have, as I do, some miniature round pans, you can use these to make individual pizzas.  If not, you can use muffin cups. 

I have never made these using the maraschino cherries, although I am sure that would be delicious.  Instead, I use red and green M&M candies.  To me, they make the pizza look a little bit more realistic -- plus, the red and green are fun for Christmas.

This would be a very fun recipe to make with kids -- just make sure that an adult or an older child handles the chocolate melting part of the recipe.


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