Thursday, May 28, 2015

Rudolph Day recap

A page from my vintage Night Before Christmas Little Golden Book
So this past Monday was Rudolph Day for May.  Although I didn't have time to do a lot of Christmas-related activities that day, I will tell you about what I did do.

I pulled out my Christmas notebook and spent some good time with it.  If you click "Christmas notebook" in the label cloud in the sidebar at right, you will find all of my posts concerning my Christmas notebook and the sort of things it contains.

What I was doing on Monday was to go through my lists of handmade gifts I'm hoping to give this year.  I have one list for birthdays, and another list for Christmas.  I added in a few items and crossed off some birthday gifts already made and given.

I also added a few items to my Christmas list.  For example, I made a felt campfire, logs, fire ring and s'mores for 2 birthday kids.  After completing those, I knew I wanted to make more for a Christmas gift for another family.  So those have now gone on my Christmas list.

And I also went through and figured out a timeline for several of these handcrafted gifts.  I explain my crafting timelines in much more detail here: Planning for Handmade Gifts.  Basically, the timelines list the project, who it's for, what materials I need, and what date I'd like to finish by.  I don't always accomplish it by then, but I find that failing to plan is planning to fail!

And that was my Rudolph Day hour or so.  Pretty simple; not even Christmas tea, Christmas music, or anything.  It's been hot here, so iced tea was the order of the day.  But I was thankful to be able to take some quality time for planning.  How was your Rudy Day?


  1. Thanks for sharing Mrs T! I love your vintage book and am going to get my Christmas book updated. I need to find a crochet pattern for fingerless gloves and a crochet collar.

  2. Hi there pinksparkle!!

    Good for you planning to get your Christmas book updated. Those sound like fun crochet projects you have planned!

  3. Good progress! I'm starting to think about Christmas crafts and handmade gifts, but I haven't actually committed them to paper yet. You've inspired me!

  4. Thanks, Vicki! It is so nice to see you here. I'm glad you're inspired. Happy crafting!

  5. Hi Mrs T,
    As much as I love Christmas, I'm not even thinking about it these days. Seems we just got rid of all the snow so I'm going to enjoy the green grass and flowers for a while. I must say however that you are an inspiration to all the Christmas folks out there. When my kids were growing up, I had Christmas on my mind most of the year. Once July hit, I was really thinking about it and planning. So good for you! Thanks for dropping by today. I always enjoy hearing from. Happy June!!


  6. I know what you mean, Sandi! Seems like we just got rid of all our snow, too. You had it a little worse than we did, but it was pretty snowy here in New England, too, and it just kept on coming!

    We will have a houseful of out-of-town family coming next week and not leaving until July 11. So if I'm going to do Christmas in July, I need to work on it now. I have several weeks' worth of posts done and scheduled. Hope to finish the last few posts this week.

    I'm glad I got that planning done too. As soon as I finish a few handmade birthday gifts, I will get down to Christmas crafting in earnest! Come to think of it, we will be taking a few day trips while the kids are here ... I should be planning some portable crafts for that time and maybe make a dent in my Christmas crafting if possible.

    Thanks for stopping by! I love both of your blogs and it's always a joy to hear from you.

  7. I worked on my Christmas notebook too and listened to some Christmas music.

  8. Yay! Good for you! I usually forget about the music until after the fact. I'm sure it would be much more motivational if I remembered it!

  9. May's Rudolph Day whizzed right past me! I've got to get some activity going here and at least get my post up of what I should have been doing in May. I love the felt campfire, etc. idea; can you post a photo? My daughter is a Girl Scout camp assistant this year and I know she would love to see it.

  10. Hi Pamela!

    Great idea to post a photo of the felt campfire. Wish I had gotten a photo of the complete setup, with logs, fire, fire ring and all, but I did not. Gave it to the grandkids in 2 installments for 2 different April birthdays. But I will go back and check out what pics I have, and see if I can post some of them, okay?


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