Monday, January 18, 2016

Questions and answers for Christmas crafting

From a craft calendar my girls loved as children
One of my friends on the Christmas craft forum posed a few crafting questions to begin the new year.  I thought I would answer them here to have a place to record my thoughts.  (They're currently on a piece of paper -- not the best idea if I want to find them again!)

So Rose asked us seven questions.  I will paraphrase them to simplify and then add my answers.

1.  Let's decide if we want to finish any projects started for last Christmas and not completed.  Will we : a)finish them right away and put them in our gift closet;
       b) put them away for a bit; or
       c) get rid of them altogether?

I had one project not completed for a November birthday (though I did make plenty for the birthday baby girl to open!) -- fabric alphabet letters.  So I need to finish those.

And I had one Christmas gift not completed -- another felt campfire and accessories.  My plan is to finish that and send it off the the recipients.

And then I have 3 long-standing UFOs (un-finished objects) -- a crocheted throw, a crocheted scrap afghan, and a "Snow Angels" cross-stitch.  I also have two completed stitchery projects that just need to be finished off in some way -- framed, made into wall hangings or pillows, or whatever.

2.  Decide if we want to go through any boxes/containers holding craft supplies; decide if we want to get rid of any of these supplies.

I'd love to sort out/give away craft supplies, but not just yet.  I plan to finish the alphabet letters and the campfire first, as all of the ziplock bags in which I have fabric scraps sorted by color are a huge mess.

3. Write down any ideas people have given you for the coming year, crafted items or other ideas.

I've done some of this but have more to add.

4.  Does your crafting area need a little tidying -- or a lot?

It needs a lot of tidying.  See question #2.

5.  Think about what went right or wrong in making crafts for gifts -- is there anything you would change for this crafting year?  

My biggest problems were starting too late and underestimating how long certain projects would take.

6.  Set a date for when you want to have all Christmas crafting completed.

My hubby set this date for me -- December 1.  One friend asked if it would work to have Mr. T setting my crafting deadlines for me.  Well, I don't really know yet.  But, as I told her, since he is the one who takes up the slack in eldercare, meal prep, housework and cookie baking if I really get stuck, I am going to try it his way!

7.  Start making notes of what you would like to make craftwise this year.

I've jotted down a few ideas in my Christmas notebook.  I think I'm going to try and aim for making more handmade items for birthdays and fewer for Christmas.

So there is my preliminary planning session.  Now to tackle one of those UFOs!


  1. I tend to go through stages of when I really feel like doing crafting or sewing and other times it doesn't even enter my mind. I have started a few projects and lost interest for one reason or another...and I usually find that whatever I do work on is in season...meaning I'm not in to Christmas crafts in the middle of the summer. My craft room is usually quite a mess but I have such a wonderful feeing when I do get it all tidied up...if only for a fleeting moment. You commented about my coloring books...if you do any ordering from Amazon, you may want to check them out...they had many lovely ones during the holidays. I got my DIL one that had nothing but Psalms verses and coordinating designs in it :) Enjoy your week!

  2. Crafting is nearly always in my mind, Debby! I just have so little time to work on crafts that it can be rather frustrating, so I keep a portable project around all the time. That way I can pick it up during a lengthy phone call or whatever. I don't really have a dedicated crafting space. Would love to! Have a crafting desk in my bedroom but it doesn't work for everything.

    I do order from Amazon and just happen to have an Amazon gift card from my daughter for my birthday, so I will need to check them out. I love the Christmas one you showed. The one with only verses from Psalms sounds wonderful too! Thanks for the info!

  3. My DD recieved the Psalms colouring book and it is wonderful! I go through different stages of types of crafting I want to do but I generally always want to be creating. And really, I feel drawn to making Christmas gifts, decor, cards, projects.... anytime of year. I just love creating to bless. It is a joy. I find my gift list ends up like yours Mrs.T, revamped a few times during the year!

  4. Mrs. Smith, thanks for the info on the Psalms coloring book. I need to check into that.

    And I'm like you -- I need to be creating, one way or another. It might be cooking, baking, writing, or even figuring out a creative solution to something, in addition to crafting. I seem to have a real need to do something creative every day. And, also like you, I love working on Christmas projects all year round. It's a precious time and always passes too quickly. I love celebrating it all through a year. I like what you said -- "I just love creating to bless." I feel the very same way.

  5. I have suspected these heart traits about you with the years of blessed crafting and sharing you have done. A very good heart.

  6. Awww ... Thanks, Mrs. Smith! So sweet of you to say so.


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