Saturday, January 13, 2018

A lovely poem from a Christmas card

I have seen this on several of the vintage cards I've recently found, but it's a really nice poem I hadn't seen before.  It says,

Whatever else is lost
among the years
Let us keep Christmas ...
its meaning never ends.
Whatever doubts 
assail us
or what fears
Let us hold close 
this day
Remembering friends.

I wish I knew who the author was.  Our world is so upside down, a lot of people are trying to find their way.  As Christians, we need to "keep Christmas" so that the world will understand the precious gift we are celebrating. 


  1. That truly is lovely. I guess that troubles that grip us from time to time are nothing new. Every person experiences them and they can be most acute at Christmastime. Yes, Jesus is THE answer!

    1. Absolutely! And as you think back over the years, we know that generations before us were fearful of many unknowns in their world of that time.

      Yes, most acute at Christmastime. Although many in the world do not yet understand why, they do sense that there is something very, very special being celebrated. It's up to us to show them that answer and how it looks in our own lives.

  2. It is good to remember that the true meaning of Christmas, Jesus Christ, is our best friend when fears and doubts assail us. Thank you for sharing. It looks like this poem is adapted from one written by Grace Noll Crowell, who was a popular mid-twentieth century poet, whose works were feature in Ideals magazine, and in books of her works.

    1. That is so interesting, Julie! I thought that the end of the poem: "Remembering friends", fell a little flat. It didn't quite seem to fit with the rest of it. Now I know why! Thanks so much for sharing this information. I will do a second post about this poem and share my findings on Grace Noll Crowell.

      And yes, the true meaning of Christmas -- a relationship with Jesus! -- is what enables us to hold strong amid fears, doubts, and goings-on in the world.

  3. That's a beautiful card. There's nothing quite like the artwork on a vintage card.

  4. Truly a lovely poem! brings us back to essentials


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