Wednesday, February 19, 2020

A few thoughtful gifts from my Christmas season

I know I didn't mention all of these things here previously, so here goes with a simple post sharing a few thoughtful gifts I received over Christmas 2019.  That tin (which is much smaller than it appears here) at the top of the post contains a generous Hobby Lobby gift card.  Still haven't gotten to Hobby Lobby to spend it, but I know a couple of things I want to get.

 This Christmas teacup is so pretty!  A thoughtful gift from my friend Rhonda.  I later learned that she gave a Christmas teacup to each lady at church.  She included a package of pizzelles with each one.  I think (but am not sure) that all of the teacups were different.  I have some Christmas mugs, but this is my first Christmas teacup. It sort of matches these sweet ornaments:
These were a gift from my friend Linda in Utah, some years ago.
The pretty tray above was a gift from my daughter Carrie.  She asked for gift ideas and I was ready with this one!
 The "jadeite" look sugar and creamer are by Pioneer Woman and were also a gift from Carrie.  She also gave me a tip about the gorgeous melamine plates in Walmart this season, so I guess in a sense that middle plate is also a gift from her.
And this handcrafted owl was a gift from our friends Sam and Jennifer.  At a loss for affordable gifts, they turned to the internet for ideas and found this one!  Although our tree is down now, this sweet snowy owl is at home on an evergreen garland that tops our picture window year round.

Hope you've enjoyed seeing these thoughtful gifts ... maybe you even found an idea or two to use next year!


  1. Oh Mrs T, I loved all your gifts but that owl is the most precious as it was made just for you from a heart of love. Those are my favorite gifts. Not sure if our trip to Maine is going to work out for this year. I still hope to make it there one day. I want to see Maine and I would love to meet you in person. I feel like I know you already!! Thankful for your blog friendship and encouragement.

  2. You are so right, Arlene! The other gifts were incredibly thoughtful and generous, but that owl ... so sweet, and I am thankful I have a place to display it all winter.

    I will email you concerning Maine ... we are going to be away for part of June, so it might not have worked to meet up anyway. I still feel I would recommend September as a time for you to visit. It's really Columbus Day, not Labor Day, when things close for the season. I can only think of two places around here that close on Labor Day and both are ice cream stands that depend on high school students for help.

    Yes, I feel as if I know you already too. Your blog friendship, your Christian fellowship and encouragement are always a huge blessing to me.

  3. Anonymous12:41 PM

    Great dishes to use during the holidays and once a month on Rudolph day. Lovely owl.
    Lucie from

  4. This cheered my day!! I saw that some neighborhoods are putting the fake candles in their windows during the corona virus to encourage one another. Great idea. I love your mulitcolored candelabra.


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