Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Details from vintage cards

Recently when I was taking the vintage cards off my Christmas ribbon board, I happened to glance inside the cards -- something I haven't happened to do for quite a few years, probably not since I acquired them. As I did, I noticed details that had escaped me then... how almost all of these small cards had small illustrations and details on the insides of them, too, not to mention the nifty sentiments in their vintage fonts and lettering. So before I put the cards away, I took time to scan many of these details. I will share some of these now and in future posts.

Isn't this Christmas message lovely?

I love this mailbox scene. I have no idea why I like the scenes of packages by a mailbox so much, but for whatever reason, I do.

Look at the detail in this tree trimming scene.

The outside of the card showed the family bringing home the tree.

And look at this sweet little red cottage.

Here are two vintage messages from the insides of cards.

Last of all is a sweet sprig of blue holly.

More to come... hope you have enjoyed this trip down a snowy memory lane!

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