Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Using some of one's Christmas fabric stash

Do you have a stash of Christmas fabric?  I think most serious crafters who love Christmas tend to have a stash of the lovely and unique fabrics that reflect the beauty of the season.  I know I do.  Sometimes, I will buy Christmas fabric with a project specifically in mind, like aprons or pillowcases.  But most often (probably because I tend to buy such fabrics at after-Christmas clearances or Christmas-in-July sales), I really have no clear idea of what I will do with a fabric.  I just buy it for my stash!

Over the past few years I have pared down my stash considerably, and I have shared many of the projects here on my Christmas blog, but I thought that it might be helpful if I were to put the links to the projects all in one place.  So I am going to do just that.  I should add that most of these projects can be done with any fabric.  It need not be Christmas fabric to make these basic projects.  I do apologize that I don't have pictures for all of these, but if you follow the links you will find pictures on the original posts.

I'll start with the largest projects.  I should note that I almost never buy any more than 2 yards of any one Christmas fabric unless I have a specific project in mind or find a huge sale.  So for my larger pieces of fabric, I made some Christmas throws.  Here are the links:  Simple Flannel Throw and Christmas Fabric Throw.  One thing that works well is to make one side of the throw a holiday fabric, and the other side a solid color.  That way you can just fold it the other side out and use the throw all year long. 
Flannel throw with dark green on the reverse side
I especially like my flannel one and tend to cozy up with it whenever the weather is a bit chilly.
This shows the holly and mistletoe print on the reverse side.
I love this print.  A quilt-like throw was really only about the possibility for this.

Another good project for larger pieces of fabric is to make Christmas Tablecloths.  These need not cover your table.  You can make them runner size, full size, square, or whatever.  You can always layer them with other table coverings if you like.  I have some larger ones for my dining room table and have made some small "table squares" (or rectangles) for smaller tables, islands, shelves and the like.
A pieced table runner I made from a vintage Christmas magazine

Foldable Fabric Baskets are pretty and useful; practical, too, since you can just unfold them and store them flat.
I love this vintage-looking pine cone print.
Some hot mats I made from Christmas fabric.  I don't have a post about these, but they are easy enough.

Fabric Napkins are a great way to use up a variety of Christmas prints.  The mix-and-match look is cute, plus it's easier to remember which napkin is yours.

Blue tree on an inverted sherbet dish
These Soft Fabric Trees are so cute, you'll be tempted to sew up an entire forest of them.
Green tree in a teacup

These Patchwork-look Coasters are a particular favorite of mine and I have made them in many fabrics, not just Christmas ones.  It's fun to make some for every season.  I love how easy these are!

You can use smaller pieces still to create these Yo-Yo Ornaments.  Fun and easy enough for kids to do.

A yo-yo candy cane
And a yo-yo wreath
And last but not least for the really small strips of fabric, you can make Rag Garlands.  They look nice intertwined with white lights, too.

Why not pick a project and delve into your fabric stash?  You'll be getting ahead of the game for next year.  By the time the Christmas-in-July sales roll around, you may need more fabric!

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