Friday, January 20, 2017

A different look for the Christmas Star doily

 I might as well start calling these Christmas Star doilies.   The original pattern called it a Christmas star dishcloth.  But it seems to me that these would make a nice doily-type item for Christmas decorating, not just a dishcloth.  And in fact, everyone that I've gifted with one of these has said just that -- they see them as doilies and plan to use them as such.  Here is the link to the free pattern, which downloads as a pdf and is easy and fun to crochet:  Christmas Star Dishcloth.

 The original pattern calls for cream colored yarn with gold yarn on the edging part, but to my mind white yarn with red or green edging looks even nicer.  I have done some in cream yarn with a burgundy edge --  a dark forest green edging would be pretty with the cream as well.

I was making a few of these for my gift stash and decided to try a green star with red edging as seen at the top of the post.  Then I was inspired to do one with variegated Christmas yarn.  This yarn, which was given to me,  actually has gold sparkles in it as well.   Obviously, neither this nor the green one would work well at all as dishcloths, but would be fine as doilies or decorative mats.

I think I still like the white with red edging the best, however.  Now I need to make a few of these for myself.  This might make a simple project to work on at the beach this summer!


  1. I love these. Do you make them out of a certain type of yarn if you were going to use them as a dishcloth?

  2. The pattern calls for just the regular cotton yarn (Sugar'n'Cream, Peaches and Creme,etc.) that one would use for dishcloths. So I am just making them out of the cotton yarn. If I intended them to be used specifically as dishcloths, I think I would stick with white yarn.

    Hope this helps and that you get to make some of these. It's a fun project!


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