Wednesday, March 06, 2019

A special new mailbox card

Anyone who's read either of my blogs in December knows how much I enjoy Christmas cards depicting mailboxes.  You can read a whole post about it here, in fact: Mailboxes Et Cetera, and see a bunch of the vintage mailbox cards that I find endlessly fascinating. 

But this year I was blessed with a brand new Christmas card with a mailbox theme ... and how sweet it is!  My daughter in Nevada sent me this card.  The scan does not do it justice.  The background is a lovely soft blue, and sparkly snow is at the base of the scene.  Outgoing mail is tucked in the shiny metallic mailbox, while snow is drifted on its top along with an evergreen swag and a perky red cardinal.  Beneath the box, a wrapped gift nestles amid greenery and two lighted lanterns.  The three-dimensional quality of this card is so much fun!

 Inside the card, the simple but oh-so-meaningful message reads: "No matter how many miles are between us, you're always close at heart this time of year."
 I used the card as part of the Christmas decorations on my hutch.  Love it!

Hope you have enjoyed this look at a truly unusual and lovely Christmas card from a lovely daughter!


  1. Hello from Texas!
    Love the card...My thing is old those cards.
    Merry late Christmas! Also my favorite time of the year.

  2. Welcome, Donna!

    Yes, I love cards depicting old trucks also, but mailboxes are my first love. I have some mailbox cards from the 1930s and 1940s. So much fun!

  3. what a beautiful card. I love the 3d effect and of course a mailbox is a favorite of mine

    1. Thanks, Lucie! Yes, I remember that you like mailbox motifs as much as I do! This is such a beauty in real life.


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