Tuesday, February 19, 2019

A couple of after-Christmas buys

Just a little late posting about them!  I didn't find a lot of good after-Christmas deals this year, nor was I really looking for them.  I found one at Walmart and a few other things at the supermarket.

The gift card holder at top, as you can see, is from Walmart.  I got it when the clearance was 50% off, so it was 74¢!  Can't beat that for how cute this is.  I would have gotten a few more, but we really don't give all that many gift cards, and I have a few other very nice holders bought last year.

Since I love both Mason jars and cars or trucks with Christmas trees, I was instantly drawn to this.  The "zinc lid" looks just like metal and if one pulls on it, out comes a place to tuck the gift card and a line to write the amount the card is worth.  What a cute design, don't you think?

Below is the back view of the gift card holder:

And then I found a couple of Christmas plates at 75% off, I believe, at the supermarket.  These are always handy for presenting gifts of cookies.  The clear dish with the poinsettias, bells and holly has such a vintage look!  It is plastic, not glass and will be wonderful for a couple of special cookie gifts next year (I bought two of these -- they were less than $2 and are made in USA!).
 I also bought two of these red plaid plates with a buffalo checked Christmas tree at the center.  They are a salad plate size and will also be lovely for gifts of cookies or candies.
There are my few after-Christmas buys!  I was actually rather proud of myself for not buying a lot of things (no matter how inexpensive) that I would have to store until I found a specific use for them.

How about you?  Did you find some good deals after Christmas?  Do you have specific plans for using what you purchased?


  1. I always enjoy deals after each holiday, especially Christmas. You got some great ones here, too!
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. You are welcome, Sue! So glad you enjoyed seeing these! Thanks for your visit!

  3. Wow, you found some great buys! I didn't really buy anything after Christmas this year. It seems like every few years I have enough stashed for the next year so I try not to add to it, hahaha.

  4. Didn't get much after Christmas either, but then again wasn't looking. love the plaid dish


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