Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Date & Nut Balls

As mentioned in the previous post, my aunt frequently made these confections (known in our family as "Dot's Oddballs") for Christmas, as well as for Thanksgiving and other family gatherings. (Mr. T's side of the family enjoyed these as well, since his sister made a similar recipe for sharing at family get-togethers.)

I was fortunate enough to run across the recipe in my grandmother's handwriting, so I'll share it just as she wrote it:

Date & Nut Balls

1 cup sugar
1 cup chopped dates
1 egg beaten
1/2 cup oleo

Melt oleo in saucepan; add beaten egg, sugar, and dates; cook 10 min. only. Add 2 cups rice crispies, 1/2 cup nuts, vanilla. Cool. Make into balls and roll in cocoanut, chill in refrig.

This doesn't say how many it will make, but that's part of the charm of an old, handwritten recipe! "Oleo", for those who might wonder, is margarine. No quantity is given for vanilla -- I'd guess between a half teaspoon and a teaspoon -- or for coconut. I'd say you'd need at least a cup of coconut for rolling the balls in, maybe more. If you want to try this and are nervous about the quantities, I imagine you can find a similar, more specific recipe in an online search.

Have fun!

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