Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Mini spool wreath ornament

Here's an easy, easy ornament that is a lot of fun to make and could use up some of your crafting odds and ends. As you can see, it requires 7 mini craft spools. You glue ribbon around these -- you could use ribbon of the exact width for the spools, or use any width and cut it to fit, as I did.

Then you string the spools on a length of chenille stem, stringing 6 pony beads alternately with spools. I can't say the exact length of chenille because I made these ornaments a long time ago, but probably half a chenille stem would do. When beads and spools are all in place, twist the ends of the stem together to form the circle for the wreath.

Finish by tying (and/or gluing) a bow of contrasting ribbon to cover the twisted stem ends. Add another loop of ribbon or thread for a hanger, and you're done.

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