Friday, January 29, 2010

Sweet little ornament

Here is a cute ornament idea. Our daughter remembered the felt handprint ornaments I had made for her siblings years ago. For those, I had traced around their hands, cut 2 of each handprint, placed matching prints together and stuffed them lightly as I sewed the two together by hand. I had embroidered their name and the year on the front of each ornament.

Being a busy young mom of three, my daughter figured out an easier way.

She traced the hands and feet of her kids onto red, white and green craft foam and cut them out. She cut a photo of each child into a circular shaped and glued it to the hand print, then added the name and age to the footprint, attaching the two prints with thread so the ornament just loops over a branch. Cute idea! Maybe other moms would like to try this.

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