Friday, January 13, 2012

A few Christmas decorating pictures

Now that it is time to take the Christmas decor down and put the winter decor up, I finally am managing to post a few pictures of this year's decorating.  Not everything, by any means.  Just a few pictures, all but one from my hutch.
The Christmas hutch in its entirety this year

I wanted to make this photo extra large so you could see the cute little forest friends by the trees -- carolers, and a mom and child at the nut shoppe! But Blogger cut out half the photo, so I had to make it smaller again.  I had forgotten all about these and was tickled to put them out this year.

A favorite Gooseberry Patch cookbook

Adorable holly-print teacup and teapot ornaments.  I caught my 3-year-old grandson pretending to pour tea!

Several years ago I made dozens of these family photo ornaments -- a Gooseberry Patch project!  Couldn't display this in my usual place so thought it looked cute hanging from a milk bottle.

Milk bottle with candy canes ~ love this idea which I saw  on Sugar Pie Farmhouse last year.  The crocheted coaster beneath was made by my friend J.

I found this cabin tucked away; it had been a school project by one of my daughters. 

A few of the glittery houses in my collection.  Some others are hanging on the Christmas tree.  And another "Forest Friends" figurine, this one a mother and baby mouse out for a walk in the snow.

I  usually put that family photo ornament in the center of this garland amid the icicles and snowflakes.  But this year I had something even better -- a lovely mitten made by Linda Stubbs of Prairie Flower Farm.
I should admit that our Christmas tree is still up.  It's artificial, and my hubby wanted to leave it up until this weekend.  So we will!  But I have changed other areas to winter decorations.

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