Monday, December 09, 2013

December 9 ~ Buy yourself some Christmas time

From my collection of vintage cards
... by using your slow cooker for preparing meals during this busy season.  If you are a busy mom or work outside the home, you probably already do this.  But a nifty little secret is that even if you are home all day, putting supper in the slow cooker is a fantastic way to buy yourself some extra time.  With a one dish meal in the slow cooker and some muffins, biscuits, or even bread from the Walmart reduced bakery rack, you are all set.  Supper cooks itself and you can bake, craft, decorate, or whatever you like for an extra hour or more. 

You can check out the slow cooker recipes at my regular blog, Across My Kitchen Table .  Just click on "slow cooker recipes" in the label word cloud in the sidebar. 

For more ideas, take a look at my Slow Cooker Inspiration board on Pinterest.

Happy slow cooking!

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  1. I'm finding myself depending on my slow cooker a lot lately! I love that feeling of accomplishment and freedom that comes from having supper taken care of so early in the day, even when I'm home all day. Sure eases the stress when it's time to get the meal on the table!


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