Friday, February 28, 2014

Angel Food Candy -- a fun kitchen gift

Photo from Taste of Home
Still looking through those December back issues of Country Woman!  This week I came upon a recipe I'd tried years ago, from the November/December 1992 issue.  I'd forgotten about this candy, but it is delicious and fairly simple to make.  It also might be a fun edible "science experiment" for kids to observe, since there is quite a spectacular foaming action when the baking soda is added.  They could help with some of the prep work too, but should not be the ones to add the baking soda, since the mixture is very hot and the possibility of spattering too great.

Here's the link: Angel Food Candy.  Hope you enjoy this sweet taste of the past!  It would make a nice candy to put in Easter baskets, too.


  1. I tried that once too! it was fun to make but me & my dad were the only ones to like it so I've never retried them.

  2. It's been years since I made this. I think at least some of my grandchildren would like the candy, so may try again.


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