Monday, March 10, 2014

Cookie recipe to try -- Christmas Sandwich Cookies

Photo from Taste of Home
As I continue looking through older November/December issues of Country Woman magazine, I'm finding fresh inspiration for Christmases to come.  I always like to try out new cookie recipes -- often, one will become a family favorite.  This recipe is one I've noticed before -- it's from a 2000 magazine -- and I've thought about trying it but just haven't done so.  I decided to post it here and on my Pinterest board and that way, hopefully, I can find it again when I have a moment to try it out.  Here's the link: Christmas Sandwich Cookies.

As you'll see, this is a shortbread cookie simply cut in rounds and, once baked and cooled, sandwiched together with raspberry jam and with a simple Christmas tree design piped on top.  I can see these being a very nice cookie for other occasions too -- like a shower, wedding, or tea party -- either with a different frosting design or a simple dusting of powdered sugar on top.  Maybe you would like to try these, too!


  1. They look good! the trees are awesome

  2. They do look good, don't they? Bet they taste even better, with the raspberry filling!


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