Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas decorating 2010

Well, it is past time that I show some of my Christmas decorating, but life is so busy. I just haven't had the time until now. Today is a snow day and I can't go anywhere, so I thought I would take a few minutes now and file a Christmas 2010 Decorating Report. I didn't take a whole lot of pictures, as some of my decorating looks much like that of previous years, but I will share the ones I did take.

Here's our Christmas tree. For years we got a real tree off our own property; then for quite a few years we went to a nearby cut-your-own tree farm to get our tree. Several years ago, though, friends who were downsizing gave us an old but very high-quality artificial tree. It even has a wooden trunk! (It also sheds its needles.) Every year we think it will be the last year for this old tree, but then we decide it looks more realistic than other artificial ones we've seen, and so we keep it for another season. It really does look real and has fooled quite a few people.

Our Christmas tree is very eclectic, with all sorts of ornaments -- antique, vintage, humorous, reverent, homemade, child-made, etc. etc. displayed together on one tree. Themed trees are absolutely beautiful, but they are not for us. We have had them in other rooms, in fact, but for our main Christmas tree it will always be a mixture. The younger grandkids helped with some of the decorating, so you will notice the bottom branches are quite laden with ornaments.

The grandkids loved this miniature tree in the upstairs hallway. They decorated it themselves -- can you tell? Please ignore the water-damaged wallpaper behind it; this is a dormer niche where the ice always backs up. We'll try and replace it one of these years.

This is my hutch all decorated for Christmas. Not a lot different from other years, but a little bit.

I saw this candy cane/milk bottle idea on Sugar Pie Farmhouse and also saw it used on someone else's blog. I remembered I had a lovely Christmas milk bottle (an area dairy sold them filled with eggnog!) stashed away, so I pulled it out. So pretty! The little package of light bulbs is vintage.

Here's the chandelier over the dining room table. Not a lot different than previous Christmas seasons, but it still makes me smile.

Here's my favorite little glass cake dome gussied up for Christmas. I put in a vintage red/cream doily and a lovely little holly print teacup and teapot sent to me by a friend. The sprig of glittery red berries broke off some holiday greenery. It was perfect to set off the display.

And here is my kitchen island, decorated much as usual. The vintage Snow Drop Mints tin is a new addition this year.

Well, that is all I have to share of this year's decorating, but I hope you enjoyed this Christmasy glimpse of our home!


  1. I love the decorated chandelier! When I was a kid our living room had a perfectly horrible 70's style chandelier complete with plastic flowers - awful! Every Christmas we would hang a ton of beaded ornaments on it to camoflague it & make it pretty. Then my parents were finally able to remodel & that tacky thing went in the garbage, replaced by a lovely ceiling fan fixture that you can't hang anything on. What great memories. I think I even have pics of it somewhere...glad to hear that you had a Merry Christmas!

  2. Thanks, Mary Ann! I'm happy that the decorated chandelier brought back such great memories for you! Hope you will have a wonderful New Year in 2011!


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