Friday, January 28, 2011

Handcrafted Christmas cards from friends

I would like to share a few of the lovely cards I received in a card exchange, plus one from a local friend. The creativity of these ladies astounds me! For the card exchange the cards did not need to be handmade, but many were. Some people also tucked in beautiful handmade bookmarks, crocheted snowflakes, etc. Enjoy a look at these lovely cards! (I scanned them, rather than taking pictures, so the quality of the pictures might not be as good this way, but it was the quickest way for me.) I'm sure you can get an idea of the amazing craftsmanship involved!
Love the vintage look of this one! Note the embossed snowflakes in the background.
Isn't this a nice design? Unusual color scheme, but lovely.
Love the cross stitch piece on this. What a wonderful idea!

Isn't this clever? Love the idea of using a Christmas carol.This interesting design had a tag covering the stamped tree. Two cards in one!

Here's a closer look at the tag.
A linoleum block nativity scene.
Love the trees -- some look as if it is snowing.

Love this one from my local friend. The designs and colors tie together beautifully.Isn't this one clever? The star at the top is a tiny sticker.

This is the inside of the above card. Love the snowflakes so just had to show them.
This one is just lovely. Again, a very unusual color scheme but beautiful!
Isn't this one meaningful? The scan doesn't do it justice. There is glitter around the heart.
Hope you have enjoyed this look at these handmade cards!

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