Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A wintry wall hanging

Here is a UFO [unfinished object] of long standing, which I managed to complete last evening! I have long enjoyed the art of D. Morgan, and this cross-stitch pattern is one of her designs. I loved the sentiment and the little picture and started working on this last winter. It was sort of a make-do project from the beginning. I had a country blue Aida on hand, but it wasn't exactly the blue the pattern called for. I used it anyway.

I finished the stitching of this piece some months ago but hadn't decided for sure how to frame it. The long narrow design would require a custom frame, an expenditure I didn't want to make for such a casual project. A friend suggested framing it in fabric, which is something I've done with other similar pieces. I've been stalling around all this time because I didn't have the perfect fabric to frame it with.

I finally decided to use scraps from an old flannel shirt of my dad's. It would add to the sentimental tone of the design even if the blues didn't match exactly. I had planned to embellish this with some glittery snowflakes, but evidently I had used them all up on photo ornaments a few years back. Need to get some more! But I did find 2 matching snowflake trims that I could use. I hand-sewed a length of wide bias tape to the back of this for a casing, and used a dowel from an old calendar towel, slipping white cord into each end to hang it by.

I do apologize for the sort of skewed look in the photos. I took them quickly, all with the wall hanging in place on the wall.

But I love the sentiment of this design. It speaks to me not only of the warmth and security of my own home on a wintry day, but also of the cold, blustery storms of life and the fact that I am on my way Home to heaven.

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