Monday, December 26, 2011

A quiet morning in the Christmas kitchen

Yes, it's quiet in the Christmas kitchen this morning after weeks of cookie-baking, candy-making and just general merry food preparations for this most special of holidays.  Today is a day of picking up and putting away -- gifts in their places, gift bags and other wrappings and Christmas cards all being reorganized for use another year.  I think, though, that I will not put these items in the attic just yet.  It would be prudent to wait and see what I find at the after-Christmas sales that will need to be put away, also.

I feel as if I should rename this blog "Mr. T's Christmas kitchen", for he has done a great amount of the cooking and baking this Christmas season.  I looked at a cookie tray one day at church and realized that, except for one kind out of a great variety of cookies on the tray, Mr. T had baked every one of them!  He had some downtime at work due to weather in the  past couple of weeks, and cheerfully baked and baked on those days at home. 
Christmas kitchen gifts from a  previous year

One thing about his being home is that it helped us think some things through as to how we might better plan for next year, as far as kitchen gifts and Christmas food preparation in general go.  I always bake cookies ahead and freeze them, but didn't start early enough this year.  I'm thinking, too, that in late fall I might find a pork loin on sale and freeze it right in the marinade, for Christmas dinner, and I might make a coffeecake or some sweet rolls for Christmas breakfast and freeze them too.  I made a nice cran-apple sauce for Christmas dinner yesterday; that would freeze, also...

Just a few random thoughts as I putter in my quiet Christmas kitchen!
Snowman sign on my back door

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