Monday, October 22, 2012

Christmas countdown printable to frame

(Photo by Life {Sweet} Life)
I'm sure we've all seen those nifty little dry-erase message boards made from printables and picture frames.  Under the glass is a menu or family to-do list.  One then uses a dry-erase marker to write in the weekly dinner menu or the necessary chores, directly on the glass.  Next week, a quick wipe erases the information and one can again use a dry-erase marker to repeat the process.  With imagination, a printer and an inexpensive or repurposed picture frame, the possibilities are truly endless.  The clever person who came up with this idea deserves a medal.

Well, thanks to Tip Junkie, I've discovered a Christmas countdown which utilizes the same concept.  Go here to check it out:  Printable Christmas Countdown .  The designer of the countdown offers it as a free printable download in either the red damask (pictured above) or a green polka dot.  What a nice idea!  It isn't quite as much fun for kids as the Advent calendars with the little doors that you open, but it's still a superb idea (especially for households without young children) and I've already downloaded the red damask version.  Maybe you would like to do the same.  Or, if you are gifted at designing, you might like to design and print your very own variation on this theme, maybe even utilizing a family photo for the background.  Have fun!

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