Friday, October 26, 2012

Rudolph Day for October

I remember this scene from a favorite childhood Christmas book!
I didn't accomplish a lot yesterday; I'm really busy trying to make a few handcrafted birthday gifts that need to go out in tomorrow's mail at the very latest.  I'm hoping to observe Rudolph Day tomorrow with some Christmas tea and some planning and crafting.  However, today I did do a few things toward Christmas:

*  Stocked up on flour, sugar, margarine and brown sugar for holiday baking
*  Used up a few things I'd had stored in the freezer, and removed a nearly empty cookie tin, to make more room for Christmas cookies, etc.
*  Bought some plastic bangle bracelets for making some bracelet purses for little girls' Christmas gifts.

That is probably about it, but it did feel great to get those few things accomplished on October 25.

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