Thursday, February 26, 2015

February Rudolph Day, part 2

Gorgeous ... from the inside of a vintage card.  Looks like a watercolor, doesn't it?
 Just had to report a teensy bit more of Rudy Day activity between yesterday and today ... not much, but a little!

Yesterday I enjoyed a mug of Merry Mint tea and did just a bit of planning for my Christmas in July posts.  I planned posts for four of the days in July ... no writing yet, just planning.  I also did a bit more browsing in my Gooseberry Patch Christmas Book #8.

Today I again listened to my Piano Winterlude CD and had some Candy Cane Lane tea.  I also spent a half hour working on my "Snow Angels" counted cross stitch UFO.

And, for a wonderful surprise, I found in the mail a small parcel from my crafting friend Ann.  It contained a bunch of vintage Christmas cards!  None were duplicates of any that I have.  I will be scanning these fun cards to share them all with you in the coming days.  This surprise was the frosting on the cake for my Rudy Day!


  1. Anonymous10:29 PM

    Sounds like a nice Rudy Day - and what a nice surprise! Looking forward to seeing your 'new' vintage cards.


  2. Les, I am anxious to show off my new cards. It's so funny -- even though Ann sent me the cards from New Zealand, it seems that most of them are made in the USA. They are fun though, and completely different from anything else in my collection. It was so thoughtful of her!

  3. Haven't been able to accomplish a thing for February Rudolph day but I will take a day off work soon and it'll be DEDICATED to all things Christmas :)

  4. Yay, Luludou -- good for you! Hope you will enjoy your special day and get a lot of Christmasy things accomplished.


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