Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Rudolph Day for February, Part 1

From a vintage A&P coffee ad.  Wish I owned these cups!
Rudolph Day is, of course, today -- February 25.  But because Wednesdays are always a busy day for me, I decided to see what I could do yesterday in the way of Rudolph Day celebrating.  Here's some of what I did:

* Enjoyed a mug of Merry Mint tea.
* Listened to a pretty Christmas CD,  Piano Winterlude.
* Spent a half hour working on my "Snow Angels" cross-stitch UFO in a patch of wintry sunshine.
* Gave a small amount of thought to Christmas in July posts for my Christmas kitchen, which I hope to plan, write, and schedule ahead for the month of July.
* Browsed through Gooseberry Patch Christmas book #8 while eating lunch.
* Scanned a Christmas card and posted about it here.
* Cut out and pinned together 2 Christmas mug mats and finished sewing one.

It was still a busy day with a lot of work and responsibilities, but what a happy time I had celebrating Rudy Day a day early!


  1. What a wonderful day you had :) Full of Christmas cheer and warmth

  2. It *was* a wonderful day, Luludou! Busy, as I said, and I had to spend some of the day out of the house doing other things, but I was glad I had planned ahead to "celebrate" with a few special activities.


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