Tuesday, February 17, 2015

"Country Christmas" ~ a fun Christmas poem

I've been going through a few more of my older December issues of Country Woman.  The poem I'm sharing today is from the November/December 1989 issue and is written by Kathy A. Schaeffer of Sunbury, PA.  It's a lighthearted poem that brings back memories of my childhood Christmases.  Here it is:

Country Christmas

It's Christmas in the country,
The mantel's trimmed with cards;
Friends and neighbors far and near
Stop in with their regards.

A cheery wreath adorns the door,
An angel tops the tree,
And colored lights are strung about,
Twinkling merrily.

Mistletoe hangs from the door,
The children just can't wait;
Time seems to pass so slowly,
They want to celebrate.

Then when at last the day arrives,
There's magic in the air --
It's Christmas in the country,
And what a grand affair!
-- Kathy A. Schaeffer

The descriptions in this bit of verse remind me so much of my childhood Christmases at my grandmother's big white farmhouse.  She had cards taped up around the kitchen, colored electric candles in the windows, and much, much more.  It was a magical place and time to me!


  1. Just what I need to read on this cold day... Christmas Cheer :)

  2. Glad you enjoyed it, Luludou! We need all the cheer we can get on these wintry days!

  3. New England and the Maritimes get a lot of the same weather it seems. However our winter this year is the worst in about forty years. I look out the window and I wonder how all that snow will ever melt away and yet it will. Slowly I hope without too much flooding.
    I enjoyed the poem you shared. I may use it down the road sometime. It was so nice to have you visit my blog today, thank you! Have a lovely week.


  4. I'm glad you enjoyed the poem, Sandi! If I find Christmas poems in old magazines, I will often share them here. Sometimes it is hard to find a nice Christmas poem when you need to use one.

    Yes, we are also hoping for slow melting when the time comes. Flooding can happen all too easily here in the spring even in a normal winter. This one has been so snowy and exceptionally cold.

    Thanks for stopping by my Christmas kitchen on this wintry day!


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