Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Another whimsical vintage card

For those of you who enjoy Christmas cards on the whimsical or humorous side, here is one just for you!  This funny little fellow doesn't really look terribly Christmasy, except for his red and green striped scarf.  It's hard to figure out what his errand is or what he's so worried about.

Then you open the card:

And you still don't (at least I didn't) see what he's hurrying up those stairs for!

On the back of the card, his errand is finally revealed!

He's a bell ringer, and he is hastening up the stairs of a bell tower to ring some merry bells!  That red bell is hinged on the end that touches the window opening, so it can either show up as a single red bell on the inside of the card, or a movable bell on the outside of the card.  Clever!

This is another of the cards my friend Ann so generously sent me.  Vintage fun!

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