Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Rudolph Day ... that walked away!

Since Rudolph Day for March (the 25th) fell on a Wednesday this year, I knew I probably wouldn't find much time to do anything of a Christmasy nature.  Wednesdays are always notoriously busy for me.  So, I made plans last week to celebrate on Tuesday the 24th instead.  I guess you could call it Rudolph Eve day.

Tuesday mornings I talk with my daughter 3 time zones away, but that shouldn't impact anything.  It didn't, but in the meanwhile a postponed hair appointment was rescheduled to Tuesday morning.  No problem, I thought.  I try to stop in at my dad's every day, but this time I would do it on the way back from my haircut.  It should be a brief stop, as I had only a few things to do there.  I basically just wanted to check on him.  Then, theoretically, I would still have the afternoon, or at least a couple of hours, for Rudy-like activities. 

So I talked with my daughter, went and got my hair cut, and stopped at my dad's.  I quickly finished my errands there and went to leave.  And that's when my Rudy Day began, quite literally, to take a hike.

Because, when I went to open the car door, it was locked.  Ordinarily, when I stop at my dad's, I take my bag inside.  This time, I intended to be there only a short time, so all I took (other than his mail, which I picked up from the box) was the key to his house.  And apparently when getting out I must have bumped the lock button.  So there, locked in the car, was my bag, complete with my car keys and my wallet containing the AAA card...

Of course, I did the first thing I could think of to do: I called my husband.  He told me there was a spare key on his dresser at home, but for him to leave work and come to my aid would take an hour round trip and he just couldn't take the time.  So my options were three: 1) Stay where I was all day until my hubby got home from work; 2) Walk home and leave the car where it was, again until my hubby got home from work; 3) Walk home, get the spare key, walk back, and drive the car home. 

I decided on a variation of option 3.  I would walk home and see how tired I was.  If I still had energy, I would walk back and get the car.  The walk home involved a couple of very steep hills, or, technically, I suppose, one long steep hill.  My hubby encouraged me to stop and rest often, so I did.  When I got home, I felt pretty good, other than being insanely thirsty, so I rested for a few minutes, changed to sneakers, grabbed the spare key, and headed back.  It was all downhill from there -- the hike and the Rudy Day!


  1. Anonymous11:16 PM

    Poor Mrs. T - what a way to spend your Rudy Day!


  2. It was interesting, to say the least! I have been wanting to get back to walking more regularly, but would not have chosen an uphill, 3 mile round-trip on a somewhat lonely road as my first effort. Oh well, God kept me safe and it's always neat to see that we can do more than we think we can.

    But I don't see any more potential Rudy Day time this month, so we will just aim for April!

  3. Ah well, you still have time until christmas and on a positive note exercise is Good!

  4. That is so true, Luludou. Thanks for the encouragement!


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