Thursday, March 05, 2015

Vintage Greetings!

Here is another of the fun vintage cards from my friend Ann.  I love the "modern" look of this one and the fact that the letters are varying colors -- red, green, and gold.  The background is ever so slightly embossed, and the gold stars and snowflakes are striking.

And here's a look at the inside of the card:

I love the sentiment and the interesting fonts that are used.  The stylized design of candles is very striking, as well.  If you can't read the greeting, it says: "Heartiest greetings and best wishes for your happiness at Christmas and throughout the coming year." 

This is one of those cards that at first glance seems rather plain.  It is anything but!


  1. I like the fonts of vintage cards. So cute!

  2. Me too, Terri! The fonts in this one just go so beautifully with the entire design of the card.

  3. It is a very classy card... I love it.

  4. Thanks, Luludou! I am glad you enjoyed seeing this card!


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