Thursday, January 15, 2015

A finished project with a December theme

This is a scan, so it's not as nice to look at as a photo.  But it was easier!
I posted this scan of my finished "December" sampler on my regular blog, but just had to put it here too, since it's appropriately Christmasy.  I know that not everyone reads both of my blogs -- there are some who only visit this one.  So, for their information, I am posting this here as well.  For those who might be interested, it's the "December" chart by The Prairie Schooler.  I'm happy to have finished it.  Now, to figure out framing ...


  1. It looks terrific - I love The Prairie Schooler designs.

  2. Vicki,

    Thanks so much for the nice comment. This is the first Prairie Schooler design I have made. I saw it made up on the wall of a needlework shop and just had to have the chart. It was fun to stitch!

  3. Oh, this is really pretty! I love the scene on it! Thanks for sharing it with us.


  4. You're welcome, Sandi! Thanks for your sweet comment. I loved the scene too ... just had to stitch it. I almost left out the moon & stars, thinking they looked a bit odd being dark on the light sky. But I went ahead and added them, and was glad I did. They are really needed to complete the scene and -- once I got them on there -- I realized they were part of what drew me to the sampler.

    Thanks again for visiting my Christmas kitchen!


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