Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Another fun after-Christmas buy

A couple of days after Christmas we visited our local Marshalls.  We love to go in there after the holiday and see what we can find for deals.  Holiday coffee is one thing we always look for at 50% off or more.  You can get some neat flavors and we have found that they are just fine in the freezer until we are ready to use them.

This year we did get a bag of coffee, plus the nifty little house lights I showed pictures of earlier.

We also found the pretty mug shown at the top of the post.  The photo isn't the best, but you may be able to see that is has a pretty, old-fashioned looking design along with the words "Season's Greetings/May Your Days be Merry & Bright".  I may keep it, or I may add it to a gift basket next year.  Either way, it was a great buy at $2!


  1. Great finds! Don't you just love a bargain?

  2. I do! Whether it's something practical like coffee or something I can use to decorate my home or give as a gift, it's always such fun to find bargains, especially on Christmas things.


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