Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Looking a little more like Christmas

vintage card from my collection
So yesterday I did just a couple more Christmasy things.  The front door wreath, which is a grapevine wreath twined with silk ivy, is changed up every season by adding trims.  I have a small chalkboard in the center of the wreath which currently says, "Happy December".  To the wreath, I did something I've never done before and tucked in springs of evergreen from around the yard.  I hung on a few sparkly beaded candy canes and called it good.  The photo below shows the wreath dressed for winter, but you can picture it as I've just described.

Another wreath look from a previous year
Then I also put up my three Christmas card banners over the dining room windows.

And then lastly I added a few sparkly snowflakes and icicles to the garland above the picture window.  Things are looking a little more like Christmas!
This is how it usually looks at Christmas, but so far there's just the center ornament and a few snowflakes and icicles.


  1. Had never seen a card Garland like that one. how nice!

  2. The card garlands are pretty, aren't they, Luludou? I have the how-to's here on my blog somewhere!


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