Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Suppertime in the Christmas kitchen

Photo from Taste of Home
I know I've mentioned this before, but the slow cooker is one of my favorite and most hardworking helpers in the Christmas kitchen. Many, many days I will put a slow-cooker meal (most often soup) together in the morning and it will just cook happily away while I do other necessary,  and often more interesting, things.  If it's soup, then I just bake a quick side like cornbread or biscuits during the half hour or so before supper, and we are all set.

Last night was just such a night.  The things I had to do during the day included taking down my fall decor and putting up the beginnings of Christmas -- just enough to begin to look a little bit festive.  And then I also spent time at my dad's and did a bunch of other necessary tasks.  No crafting got done except a bit of crocheting during a phone call, but with the busyness of the day otherwise I was thankful that supper was taken care of.  This is the recipe I used for the soup: Fiesta Sweet Potato Soup.  It's delicious!

For an accompaniment, I made Iron Skillet Biscuits which are a new favorite recipe of ours. I didn't make them in an iron skillet, but in a black speckled 9-inch square pan.  This time I did try making them gluten free with the Bob's 1-to-1 baking flour, but the texture wasn't as good.  I'd previously tried using 1 cup of regular flour and one cup of the Bob's 1-to-1, with great success, but I really need them to be gluten free for the sake of my joints, so I'd probably make them with all 1-to-1 again.  As my husband pointed out, they were a lot better than no biscuits.  And he's right.

Do give these biscuits a try.  They taste a lot like Cracker Barrel's biscuits, but are actually even better, I think.  And they use a minimum of ingredients, which is nice too.

What about you?  Is your slow cooker already one of your kitchen helpers?  If not, give it some thought.  It could free up some time for you as it does for me.  And, if you do use your slow cooker more during this busy season, maybe you have some recipes to share.  I would love to see them!


  1. How wish dh would consider a meal-soup a meal! he always needs something else with it even if it is a full meal.
    I like my slow-cooker but have Fallen out of the habit, have to get back to it, which is why I've been looking up freezer to crock-pot recipes. I have a few bags of soups prepped for upcoming cold nice to get in the house with the smell of the soup and it is hot and ready

  2. Oh, good for you having some bags of soups all prepped and in the freezer. We love soup and I am thankful that Mr. T does consider it a meal. I usually serve muffins or biscuits or focaccia bread alongside, depending on what I think will taste best with the soup. That makes it a meal for us; maybe it would work for your hubby too?


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