Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Verse for Christmas in July cards

One of the gifts I received in the Christmas in July exchange last year!
Do you celebrate Christmas in July?  I know a number of people who participate in Christmas in July gift exchanges.  I took part in one myself last summer and it was so much fun.  If you are taking part in such an exchange, or just making Christmas in July cards to send, you might be interested in this little verse I wrote last year for the card I made.  Feel free to use it in your own cards, if you like.

The sun is warm, the sky is blue;
Flowers bloom in every hue.
As summer days go zipping by,
Take time for Christmas in July.

Though balmy breezes fill the air,
Look out and picture snowflakes there. 
Open presents one by one;
Enjoy each moment ~ and have fun!

Don't forget, for more Christmas in July fun, do head over to A Debbie-Dabble Christmas and check out the list of Christmas in July bloggers in her sidebar.  I've checked them out and have found some inspiring ideas among them!


  1. Mrs. T: Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I'm adding your blog to my blog roll and will be visiting you regularly.

  2. You are welcome, Vicki! I am happy to see you here in my Christmas kitchen! Please feel free to visit here anytime. Be sure and browse through the archives, as there are tons of ideas and recipes there.

  3. What a cute verse, Mrs. T! Do you write poetry often?

  4. Why, thank you, Mary Ann!! I do write poetry occasionally, mostly simple little verses like this one. I wish I had more time for writing, but I tell myself frequently that blogging is writing!

  5. Love this sweet little poem!!

    Thanks so much for the shout out!!


  6. Thanks, Deb! I'm glad you enjoyed the poem!


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