Saturday, December 29, 2012

Bracelet purses -- a fun gift for little girls!

Julia investigating the contents of her purse
This Christmas I made two of these adorable little purses for my granddaughters (ages 4 and 6).  Here is the tutorial and pattern:  Bracelet Purse.  These were incredibly easy and fun to make and could be done with fat quarters or scraps.  I was very surprised at how quickly they went together.

 I bought 2 packs of plastic bangle bracelets at the dollar store so I would have two of each color bangle to use for the purse handles.  Each set came with two rings also.  I put the rings in tiny zip-top bags and put them inside the purses along with bubble bath, lip balm, a small box of crayons, etc.

In retrospect I guess the pattern actually called for thin metal bangle bracelets, or possibly plastic that looks like metal.  Because I used these thicker plastic ones, I found it easier to attach the handles by hand rather than machine.  But I still do like the look of these plastic ones.

Julia's purse -- a closeup.  Hers had a sparkly purple lining.
Emily's purse
This shows the lining of Emily's purse.  This little girl loves color!
So if there's a little girl on your gift-giving list, she might just love one of these!


  1. What a cute ideal. I can see these being made for some gifts for this year!

  2. I am glad you like these purses, Lana. My granddaughters surely did and they were so much fun to make.

    I'm glad you've discovered my Christmas kitchen and that you've been browsing around in the archives to find these fun ideas.

    Happy crafting!


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