Thursday, December 13, 2012

Setting the scene

Photo by The Vermont Country Store

The other night I went to a ladies' Christmas fellowship at the home of my pastor and his wife.  Everything was decorated so nicely!  One thing I especially enjoyed was a sweet miniature skating scene they had set up, much like the one pictured above.  They used a mirror as the skating pond and had all manner of figures and bottle brush trees as part of the scene.  It brought back such memories!

When I was a child we often visited relatives at Christmas and these particular folks always set up a similar scene on a small table in their front hallway.  The "ice" was a mirror and somehow they had arranged snowy hills around the ice and there were people, trees, etc. -- maybe little houses, too -- populating the scene.  I think I could have hovered over that table for hours just taking in the details.  Sadly, my parents didn't see it my way and usually dragged me away from it far too quickly.

The photo above reminds me so much of the scene I remember from childhood.  I'm so pleased to see that these wonderful treasures are still being made and sold.

One of my crafting goals for next year is to make some small glittery houses and some bottle brush trees.  For now, it's time to think about getting out my collection of lighted houses and arranging them under the Christmas tree.  They are the next best thing to a little skating scene.

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