Sunday, December 09, 2012

Sam's Leaf Garland

I thought I would show this simple project, from a day when my grandkids spent time here back in the fall.  One simply cuts leaf shapes, leaving a little tab or stem at the top of each leaf.  Then yarn is cut to the desired length and the leaves are affixed to the yarn by folding down the tabs and stapling them to the leaf itself, so that the yarn is enclosed by the leaf stem and the leaves may be spaced along the yarn as desired for a pretty garland.

Sam, age 8, made this garland and requested that it be hung from one of our antique truck wheel light fixtures.  Since the colors are red, green, and white I decided to leave the garland up for Christmas.  In this garland the white or cream colored leaves (one is a plaid and one a muted stripe) and the red leaves are made from wallpaper samples.  The green ones are from card stock.  The kids had fun making these and I thought the resulting garlands turned out very nice!


  1. Good job Sam!!! That is really nice.

  2. He did a great job, didn't he? I really like his choice of colors and patterns.


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