Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Large and lovely stars to decorate your home


 Stars are such a lovely symbol of Christmas!  I enjoy decorating with stars among other shapes and symbols at Christmas.  Strings of stars are pretty, and of course star-shaped Christmas cookies are absolutely classic.

This past winter at my friend Amanda's home,  I couldn't help but notice some gorgeous brown paper stars she had hanging from the ceiling.  They were so pretty and at first I almost thought they were snowflakes.  When I asked about them, Amanda told me they were made from paper bags!  Paper lunch bags, to be specific.

Photo from Delineate Your Dwelling
 Amanda kindly sent me the link to the tutorial for these Paper Bag Stars.  The designer is Amy at Delineate Your Dwelling.  What a lovely idea this is!  Amy notes that these could be intermingled with white paper snowflakes and white paper chains for a really magical effect.

I definitely hope to make some of these for Christmas and winter.  I love the look of the brown paper, but they could be made with white lunch bags or any other color, I would think.  Have fun with this idea!


  1. They are lovely!! I want to buy a lighted star (like they have in Scandinavian christmas decor) this year, I've seen them on the IKEA site but need to go see what they really look like


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