Tuesday, July 06, 2021

Wonderland Cookies

What a fun find I have to share today!  This little pamphlet concerning Betty Crocker's Wonderland Cookies may have come packed inside a bag of flour -- or perhaps it was clipped from a magazine.  Just look at the wonderful illustration at the top, with cookies photographed against a red background.

The center portion gives a recipe for "Basic Cooky Dough", outlined in red and green and with a fun illustration of festive bells.

The lower portion, with the green background, shares 5 "Success Tips", instructions for hanging cookies on the Christmas tree, and instructions for using a doughnut cutter to make cookies into "Magic Rings".  Oh, the adorable vintageness of it all!

The back side of the pamphlet, while not as colorful, is still fun.  There are directions for making mobile stars out of cookies, and a recipe for Easy-Creamy Decorating Icing.  There are also directions for making Christmas Tree Balls by using a doughnut cutter and two different colors of dough.  There's even a bonus recipe for Candy Cane Cookies!

And did you notice that along the edge of this advertisement are little circles, obviously so that holes could be punched and the clipping placed in a notebook.

This item has actually already sold from my Etsy shop, but if you are interested in a closer look or would like to print out this fun vintage item,  I found the same thing at RecipeCurio.com, where you can do just that at no cost.  It's a nifty site where you can find all sorts of vintage recipes.  The option to print them out is a great feature and one I will likely be using.

As an aside to this post, I'd like to mention that since this is my 10th year of doing Christmas in July,  I thought it would be fun to do a bit of a give*away each week.  

As many readers know, I have loads of vintage Christmas ephemera. 

My thought is to put together several ephemera packs or small assortments of paper treasures and then to give away one of them to a blog reader each week of July.  So for this week, if you are interested leave the word "green" somewhere in your comment on this post.  Drawing for the prize will be on Friday July 9 and I'll announce the winner on Saturday the 10th.


  1. Amazing how hard it is to think of a way to use the word green :) I appreciate both of your blogs and have gotten many useful ideas from them!

  2. Green... Christmas tree green.
    Thanks for the link to the website


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