Sunday, December 06, 2020

The tentative 2020 Kitchen Gifts list


Just one more list for food gifts:

 Cinnamon Pretzels are super easy and go nicely in pretty dollar store tins.

Christmas Granola is next in line, and it's so simple.  I use my regular formula for Homemade Granola.  After it's baked, while still warm, I stir in dried cranberries and shelled pistachios (red and green, get it?) to taste.  Voila!  Christmas Granola!

Hot Chocolate Mix is next, and this is my own recipe.  It always seems to go over well, and sometimes people bring the jars back for a refill.

Bran Muffins sounds like a rather mundane Christmas gift, but I'll explain.  Years ago I started giving my mother-in-law containers of Bran Muffin Batter at Christmas.  (The first year, I gave her silicone muffin pans as well.)  In more recent years, it's become more difficult for my mother-in-law to bake, so I just bake the muffins myself, using the same batter recipe, and give her a half dozen or so.  I've also experimented a bit with cutting the sugar in the recipe by about 1/3.  I think it calls for 3 cups and I cut it back to 2 cups.  It is still plenty sweet.

And lastly on the list is Christmas Jam from Kitty's Kozy Kitchen.  I made this in 2018 and so loved giving it as part of a gift basket or using as a hostess gift.  We will see if I can find time to make some again this year.

In addition, I'm also planning to bake these little Apricot Fruitcakes.  These are a great favorite with a loved one on my list, and I think she deserves to enjoy some this Christmas.  They are fun to bake and give.

And that's my tentative kitchen gifts list!  We'll see how the actual list compares when all is said and done.


  1. Your kitchen is going to be very busy this season!

  2. You've made a nice assortment for food gifts. The apricot fruitcakes sound delicious.


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