Thursday, March 16, 2017

Anne of Green Gables Christmas fabric!

Wow!  I stumbled upon this amazing, wonderful Christmas fabric, due to become available in May 2017.  Isn't it delightful?  There are many coordinating fabrics.  The link is here: Anne of Green Gables Christmas cottons.

I will show only a few of the options, and all photos are from Riley Blake Designs.  I want to be sure and give credit where credit is due.

There's a panel.  The square in the top left corner depicts Marilla sitting by the fire.

There's even a tea towel!

Also on the page for Anne of Green Gables Christmas cottons, you can download a pdf showing all of the fabrics full size.  The pdf also features a throw-sized quilt using this fabric.  It is beautiful!

At least one reader wondered if this fabric would be widely available.  I know it seems like somewhat of a specialty fabric, but my guess is that it will be.  If you check the links above, you will find a drop down menu for Where to Buy.   There is a Store Locator where you can easily search by state.  And then there is also a page full of links to online retailers.

Image from the Christmas Cloth Store
I checked one of my favorite online sources for Christmas fabric, the Christmas Cloth Store, and sure enough, they will have the yardage as well as pre-cuts.  Check it out here: Anne of Green Gables Christmas fabrics.

Remember, this fabric should be available in May.  Have fun with it!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Some March posts from the Christmas Kitchen archives

 I've done a couple of posts like this on my regular blog, and thought it might be fun to do the same here on my Christmas blog.  Most of these are crafts, with a couple of other topics thrown in.  Enjoy!

 I'll start with the non-crafting topic -- a gorgeous vintage Christmas card.
 Read the story behind it here: Of berries red, of candles’ mellow light.

Of course the card at the top of the post is vintage also -- I found a set of these snowflake cards in an old box in a closet.

 If, like me, you enjoy crafting ornaments, and if you have access to hemlock cones (those are the teeny tiny ones) you might like to try these Snowy hemlock cone ornaments.  In the post you will read about my expensive inspiration for this project.
 Speaking of inspiration, this post: Inspiration for your handmade gifts, with ideas gleaned from other bloggers, will inspire you as it did me, I'm sure.

A Christmas place mat finished shows you the first installment on something that took me a long time to finish.  
But I now have a set of ten!

 Lastly, here are three different craft projects that make fantastic gifts for kids.  I featured two of these in the "March archive" post on my regular blog, but I know that not everyone reads both blogs, so I am featuring them here as well.
Chefs' hats are a surefire gift for any child who enjoys cooking or dressing up.  As you can see, this birthday boy decided his gift made a great party hat!

This Crocheted chocolate doughnut is a simple and fun project to make for kids who like playing with felt food.  You wouldn't let a baby or toddler play with it because of the beads, but older kids would be fine with it.

I  showed these on my regular blog today also, but these Felt Play Mats are so cute.
 The only problem is that the hot glue on these did not hold up well at all.  After putting so much work into these and trying to make them sort of personalized for each family, it was disappointing to have pieces begin to fall off as the kids played with them.  Even though it would be a lot more work, if I ever made any of these another time I would sew the pieces in place.

If you missed these posts the first time around, I hope you have enjoyed reading them this time!