Thursday, May 06, 2021

Book review: Christmas Comfort Classics


If you've spent much time at either of my blogs, you know that I'm a great fan of Gooseberry Patch cookbooks.  I've received many of them for free in return for submitting a recipe.  I've purchased others on sale or used from Thriftbooks.  Christmas Comfort Classics is one such cookbook that I used this past year, and it was one that I really enjoyed.  The subtitle for this book is "A festive collection of warm and cozy comfort foods, plus sweet ideas for sharing with family & friends."  Sounds, really, like the perfect recipe for a cozy Christmas in the midst of a very uncertain and frightened world.  Maybe that's why I was so drawn to this book and the wonderful recipes it contains.

The first chapter is Frosty Morning Breakfasts.  There are some great ideas for egg bakes, breakfast sides, pancakes and French toast, coffee cakes, and other wonderful-sounding breakfast dishes.  Nearly every recipe sounds like one that I would love to try.  There are also quotes, recipes, and other fun ideas sprinkled on the pages of this section.

The second chapter is Tree Trimming Open House.  This one has loads of great appetizer and beverage recipes.  I'd love to try the Roasted Red Pepper Spread, the Hot Clam Dip,.and the Chicken Salad Mini-Wiches for a Crowd.  I did try the Festive Cranberry Cheese Spread and it was enjoyed at the event I took it to.

Next is Snowy Day Soups and Breads, just as cozy as it sounds!  This may be the chapter from which I've tried the most recipes.  We just love soup in winter, fall and spring!  Homemade bread, too.  I've tried the Creamy Chicken Rice Soup, Beckie's Down-Home Potato Soup, Cincinnati Chicken Corn Chowder, and more.  The Cranberry Yeast Rolls is a recipe I want to try for next Christmas. 

The fourth chapter is Cozy Meals for Busy Days.  That's always my aim in December -- to have cozy meals for those super busy days and evenings.  Recipes I've tried include Mom's Pasta, Chicken, Trees & Cheese, Best Spanish Rice, Smoked Sausage & Potatoes.  I'd love to try Connecticut Supper and Quick One-Pot Burrito Bowl.

Merry Christmas Feasts is the next chapter, filled with festive recipes for the big dinner -- including main courses, side dishes, salads, pickles and more.  I've not tried recipes from this chapter yet, but my want-to-trys include Italian Sausage & White Beans, Mimie's Homestyle Meatballs, and Pineapple Beets.      
And lastly, Sweets of the Season contains all sorts of sweet treats from cookies to pies to snacks to beverages, just for the sweet tooth members of the family.  (I have such great memories of my dad, asking after dinner if there might be "a little something for the sweet tooth".)   
   I'd love to try Cranberry-Walnut Fudge, Blizzard Party Mix, Anginetti, and Elf Thumbprints.  This past Christmas I did try the Gingerbread Brownies from this chapter -- and oh, were they good.  They'll be on my cookie trays again in 2021 for sure.

As you might guess, I highly recommend this Christmas cookbook!