Thursday, September 29, 2022

Muffin recipe for September: Apple Cobbler Muffins


As I was considering what muffin recipe to try for September, it occurred to me that an apple muffin would be just perfect.  The early apples are appearing in supermarkets now, and picking your own apples at an orchard is a real possibility too.  We did some apple picking at a local orchard last year for the first time in decades, and had so much fun!

I don't have an apple muffin recipe that I consider outstanding, so I did a little bit of looking on my All About Apples Pinterest board and settled on these Apple Cobbler Muffins from Julie Blanner.   

Photo from Julie Blanner

I always think a crumb topping enhances any muffin, and an apple muffin with a crumb topping sounds so good -- maybe a bit like apple crisp.

Julie says that these apple cobbler muffins freeze really well, and that's good to know.  One could bake them at the end of apple season and freeze them until needed for Christmas kitchen gifts.

There you have it!  Hope you try this recipe!  I'm pretty sure I'll be baking these soon.

Friday, September 23, 2022

A fun little gift with a Christmasy touch


Recently our Nevada daughter and her family drove across country and spent ten days with us here in New Hampshire.  She brought me and her sister sweet little hostess gifts -- mug rugs she had purchased at the 2022 Ozarks Homesteading Expo, which their family had attended on their way East.  Mine has tufted titmice, as you see, and the one she brought for Carrie had chickadees.

I thought these mug mats were so cute!  And they look easy too.  The bird postcard motif looks as if it was stitched to the ticking stripe fabric by hand, using a buttonhole stitch and green floss.  

These could be made with any type of rectangular fabric motif.  I love mug rugs and am always wanting to make more for gifts.  Stay tuned ... I may actually make some similar ones at some point.