Sunday, June 30, 2019

Coming tomorrow ... Christmas in July!

Yes, tomorrow's the day!  I'll be swinging open the door to the Christmas kitchen for our annual Christmas in July event.  A whole month of new posts!  It will feel like Christmas to me, and I hope to you too.

I'll share ideas for all manner of Christmasy things, vintage treasures, cards, recipes, poems and more, so plan to stop in daily throughout this month.  See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Rudolph Day for June

This gorgeous vintage card is available in my Etsy shop, A New Hampshire Attic
I basically accomplished very little toward Christmas yesterday, June 25.  Still, I managed a couple of small things so thought I would share.

*  Two of my recent gift orders arrived from Shutterfly.  For obvious reasons, I can't share photos of them here or even say what they are, but it was fun to see them arrive and think about how much the recipients will hopefully enjoy them.  I haven't stashed either one in the gift closet yet, as I wanted to show my hubby how nice they came out.

*  I did a bit of planning toward Christmas in July here on this blog, which will be starting up in July.  I'm finding some wonderful ideas!

*  I had thought I would play some Christmas music on my tablet while doing a bit of cross-stitching last evening.  I decided against it only because of time.  I stuck with the "music for quiet studying" I'd been using, rather than take time to hunt up Christmas music.  That way I had just a few minutes more for cross-stitch.

See you here on Monday, July 1 for a whole month of Christmas in July!

Friday, June 21, 2019

A brief post on the longest day

Hi, everyone!  Just popping in with a little announcement.  I'm having a one-day sale at my Etsy shop, A New Hampshire Attic,  to celebrate the longest day of the year, June 21.  Selected listings will be 20% off for today only.  Note that this sale will not include items in the Vintage Christmas category.  I am planning a Christmas in July sale, so you will want to wait until July for deals on Christmas goodies.

Friday, June 07, 2019

A few more vintage finds in my Etsy shop

I've been continuing to list vintage items in my Etsy shop, A New Hampshire Attic, and thought I would share just a few more with my readers today.  The "Vintage Christmas" section is the largest section in my shop, with 78 items as of  this writing, and of course many Christmas items have previously sold.  Enjoy the tour of a few vintage treasures!

The card at top is a used card, from the 1940s, but isn't it lovely?

This unusual card is unused.  I believe it's from the 1920s.

Love the shades of green in this one.

I believe these kittens are a Marjorie Cooper design.  No one does kittens quite like she did!

The little scenes in this card are amazing.  I think they really deserve their own post.  I'll maybe do one in July.

These digest size Ideals magazines were a popular gift.

They even came with their own mailing envelopes.

Love this train card!

A December 1946 New Hampshire Troubadour magazine
 Well, I guess that was more than a "few" items, wasn't it?  I'm starting to think about my Christmas in July posts, so this has been a good springboard for me.  Hope you all have enjoyed it, too!