Wednesday, July 17, 2024

More glorious garlands


Here are a couple more glorious garlands from the little Family Circle booklet from December 1999.

These are made without greenery and include a fancy fabric garland --

This one is made by cutting fabric scraps into strips that are 2" by 7", then tying them to a length of cotton cord , working outward from the middle toward either end.  This one reminds me of rag garlands I used to make back in the day.  The pictured garland seems to include some metallic fabrics and maybe even some tulle, making it much fancier than rag garlands.  This also suggests making a garland for a child's room, using alternating red and white strips of fabric to resemble a candy cane.

-- and here's a sparkling stars garland. 

 For this garland, it's suggested to spray-paint wooden stars and a lightweight length of chain in gold and silver glitter paint.  (I didn't even know this came in a spray paint.)  Then if necessary one could drill holes in the stars and use wire to attach them to the chain.

I think I might try this one by making stars out of cardboard and painting with metallic paint, then maybe even adding glitter.  They could be glued to a length of metallic ribbon. 

Since these two garlands don't involve greenery, they would be ideal to make now, during the summer.  Have fun with these ideas!

Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Rusitic embroidery hoop ornaments from the Crazy Craft Lady


 Speaking as someone who has a large stash of small embroidery hoops in their craft closet, I am always looking for fun ways to use them, especially in Christmas crafting.  This idea from Aimee at The Crazy Craft Lady is a really good one!

Head on over to read about it: Rustic Embroidery Hoop Ornaments and to see more photos.  These round ornaments use a foil cookie sheet to resemble a "tin" backing.  One paints it gray to achieve this effect.  The embroidery hoop parts are stained brown to make them much more attractive than the plain wood.  Details are added with bottle brush trees, wood pieces, and black & white checked ribbon.

So pretty, don't you agree?   I'm thinking this might be a fun project to include in our annual crafting adventure with grandkids!  I've just pinned this to my Crafting for Christmas Pinterest board.  If you have a similar board, you might wish to do the same.

Monday, July 15, 2024

A festive Christmas cookie recipe to try!


It's hard to think of a more festive flavor combination than dark chocolate and peppermint, though I'm sure there could be many other contenders for the "festive flavors" category.  I had saved the link for these fabulous Dark Chocolate Candy Cane Cookies -- a 2020 post by Olivia at Liv for Cake.

I was picturing traditional candy cane cookies only dark chocolate, and trying to think what that would look like, though I thought the taste would be amazing.  

Well, these are actually a round dark chocolate crinkle cookie (the recipe calls for them to be scooped with a cookie scoop, but as regular readers know I prefer to shape cookies into balls instead of scooping).  The baked cookies are dipped in melted white chocolate, then sprinkled with crushed or chopped candy canes.  

Aren't they beautiful!?   I love the way she has tied them up with red and white twine.

Photo by Liv for Cake

They would make a gorgeous addition to my cookie trays!

Sunday, July 14, 2024

A fun vintage ad


 Now I have to admit I have never, ever thought along the lines of silverware as a Christmas gift.  I guess maybe for an adult child or something?  Or possibly a gift from parents or grandparents to a newly married couple?

But apparently some advertising genius back in the day did think along these lines, because look at this: A Christmas tree showcasing silver (or more likely, stainless) teaspoons!  

The pattern names that I can see are Lasting Rose, Chateau, Shasta, Textura, Tempo, and Cantata.

For fun, and to learn more, I did a search for Lasting Rose stainless and found that it was indeed an Oneida product -- Oneidacraft Deluxe Stainless Flatware.  Nearly an entire set sold on Etsy for $149.  It is vintage from the 1960s.  So if Lasting Rose is Oneida Stainless, the other patterns are too.  

I could research this topic quite a bit more, but will just share this fun advertisement for today.  Enjoy!

Saturday, July 13, 2024

A Christmas Carol


 Nope, not a song or even a book!  A Christmas Carol is a new line of Christmas fabric by 3 Sisters for Moda Fabrics.  You can see it here at the Fat Quarter Shop: A Christmas Carol.    

The fabric designs in this collection are absolutely wonderful.  I just love them and think I could have so much fun deciding how to use them.  Here are some of my favorites.

The first two here are called Christmas Carols yardage in the crimson color and the holly color.  The third one in line is Floral Flurries yardage in the parchment color.
This is the Promising Poinsettias yardage in the snowflake, crimson, and holly colors.

And then above you see the Winter Villages yardage in the holly color, and then two of the colors of Holly Berry yardage -- parchment, and ebony.    I think these just might be my favorites.  I love the Winter Villages design (which also comes in crimson and snowflake).  Such beautiful vintage looking designs!

What would you make with these beautiful fabrics?

Friday, July 12, 2024

A potential Christmas cookie recipe to try -- Eggnog Cheesecake Crumble Bars


I wonder if this Christmas bottle cap was originally intended for a bottle of eggnog?

This fun 1994 milk bottle did hold eggnog.

Always during Christmas in July I try to find at least one new recipe to try out for the upcoming Christmas season.  Sometimes it's a snack or beverage mix for a kitchen gift, or a new possibility for Christmas breakfast.  Probably most often though, it's a Christmas cookie recipe -- something new for the cookie trays.

I've mentioned before about the wonderful baking recipes I've often found at Inside BruCrew Life, where Jocelyn shares recipes she has created.  She has never steered me wrong.

Eggnog always says "Christmas" to me, and I have had this recipe for Eggnog Cheesecake Crumble Bars saved for quite some time.  

It looks nice and easy.  I never buy cake mixes anymore, but for this I might do so.  Or, I could make up an easy cake mix substitute which basically calls for sifting some dry ingredients together.  I would also omit the rum extract because I just don't care for it.  I would most likely substitute vanilla.

Photo from Inside BruCrew Life
If we get a cool day that would be conducive to baking during this summer, I think these bars would be fun to try.  They'd be good with a mug of coffee or even a glass of iced coffee.

Thursday, July 11, 2024

Glorious garlands


 I recently came upon this little booklet which had originally come bound inside a December 1999 issue of Family Circle magazine.  It's hard to think of something from 1999 being considered "vintage", but it actually is -- that was 25 years ago!  

I am planning to use several of the ideas from this booklet this month, as some of the garlands are not made from fresh greenery.  Others of the garlands are made with fresh greens, so I'll share those for December Daily when the time comes.  I have already written and scheduled a few posts for December!

But for now, let's take a look at an idea or two, shall we?

These could obviously be made using a faux evergreen garland as well as a real one.

This cozy cabin garland looks like fun.  To make it, you cut cottages out of cardboard and then paint them as desired.  The ones here are white, gold, and a sort of barn red.  It's suggested that contrasting pieces of string can be glued on to outline windows and doors, but I'm pretty sure I would use paint pens instead.  

It doesn't say to make holes in the houses, but one would have to, it seems to me, to hang them.  It's suggested to secure houses on the garland with a twist of floral wire, rather than ordinary ornament hooks, which could shake loose.

Then there's this golden garland of gilded nuts.

This is something you could do even now.  Drilling the holes in the nuts, assembling and spray-painting the garland could all be done outdoors at the picnic table!

The houses for the cabin garland could be cut out, painted, holes punched in the tops, and stored away safely until December and time to add to your evergreen garland.

So, there are a couple ideas of glorious garlands to make for Christmas!  I will share more next week.