Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Christmas crafting timeline

Finally I have some progress to report on my Christmas crafting timeline. Last week I sat down and figured out just what I want to finish making for handcrafted gifts, and how much time I theoretically have left to work on them. I would like to have all of the handmade gifts finished by November 30, except for certain food gifts which may need to be done closer to the time. I would then have December to do fun crafting like ornaments and decorations.

So I divided the remaining time into 15-day increments, with "due dates" of September 30, October 15, October 30, November 15, and November 30. Then I divided up my projects, making most of the quicker, easier ones due sooner, and the long-term ones (which are already in progress) due near the end. Life is hugely stressful right now and I really have no idea how much, if any, crafting I will actually be able to accomplish. But I felt I needed to have a plan in place.

Last night I was able to cross one project off my list, this cross-stitched Christmas hand towel.

I am thrilled to have something else completed!

This morning I got out a couple of the kits for other items on my list and began getting my materials organized for those projects. It's good to see even a little progress.