Friday, February 05, 2016

Two tiny vintage treasures

Recently I was cleaning some old papers out of a cabinet at my parents' home.   For years, my mother saved each year's Christmas cards (the ones they received) in stuffed-full ziplock bags marked with that year's date.  But in this cupboard there was a stuffed-full paper bag labeled "old Christmas cards."  This one, apparently from Christmas 1976, obviously predated ziplock bags!

I will be sharing more finds from this bag in the days ahead, but meanwhile I just want to share two tiny treasures.  The first one is this little enclosure card, seen at the top of the post.  It's from Marian Heath, and the artist is Molly Brett.  How beautifully she has captured the squirrel!

And here is the second one:

This tiny card was a thank-you from the wife of our family doctor "for remembering the doctor's birthday".  I imagine his birthday was remembered with some of my mother's Maple Fudge!

As you might guess, this exquisite little card is also from Marian Heath.  The red and white design is striking, and the quote is from Charles Dickens.  Lovely, isn't it?

More treasures to follow on another day ...