Monday, June 30, 2014

Stay tuned for Christmas in July!

This little card (from my personal collection) with its patriotic look, seems perfect to introduce Christmas in July!
Well, I may be crazy (some would say there's no question about it!) but I'm moving ahead with plans for Christmas in July.  I may not get to post every day in July, though I'm hoping I can.  The posts will be simple -- recipes, poems, simple craft and decorating ideas -- but it will be fun for me and,  I hope, for you as well.  Lord willing, I'll see you tomorrow here in my Christmas kitchen!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Rudolph Day for June

How, oh how did we ever get to the midpoint of the year?  I cannot believe it is June 25 already.  Many of the Rudolph Days this year have passed unobserved by me, but I'm bound to do something Christmasy this time. 

Here's my plan:
* Drink some Candy Cane Lane tea (which is my favorite all year round.  I have quite the stockpile of it in my pantry!)
* Listen to some Christmas music
* Work on making a couple of Christmas ornaments
* Go over my Christmas crafting lists and update (make that create) my timelines
* Write and schedule several blog posts for Christmas in July ...

... for yes!  I've decided to observe Christmas in July again this year in my Christmas kitchen!  Looking forward to having all of you visit!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Contemplating Christmas in July

I own this Gooseberry Patch book and love it.  Lots of great ideas here!
I know... I know... it's still only June (and isn't that a good thing?).  Why would I be contemplating Christmas in July?  Well, for the past couple of years I have posted every day (or nearly so) in July here on my Christmas blog.  This year, I sort of thought I wouldn't do it.  My eldercare responsibilities have increased greatly in the past month, and I'm not finding a lot of time to blog.

But recently, I've begun to think Christmas in July might be a possibility here in my Christmas kitchen after all.  I've found a few lovely Christmas poems and some intriguing recipes, plus a vintage Christmas find or two, and now I'm thinking ... it just might work.  Stay tuned!